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Maritime Blasting uses innovative vapour blasting technology to clean, prepare and decontaminate industrial, commercial and residential surfaces, machinery and equipment.

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Why Vapour Blasting



Vapour blasting is inherently safer than traditional dry blasting...

The process generates 90% less dust which is better for the operator and great for any one working in close proximity. For most projects we use eco-friendly recycled crushed glass as our blast media. This product has less than 1% free silica, which means there are no concerns about silicosis. As well, the water vapour causes the spent media and blasted surface material to fall to the ground without getting airborne. In most circumstances it is possible to have others working nearby with a minimum of containment.


We really can do more with less...

The water vapour used in our process does more than just keep the dust down. Each particle of blast media is encapsulated in a water jacket. This adds mass to the particles, causing them to strike the sub straight harder than if they were shot dry. In fact this extra mass increases the productivity by up to 30% over traditional methods. Combined with our reduced containment requirements, you will not find a more efficient system for your blasting project.


Dry media blasting generates friction heat. A lot of heat...

So much heat that it can ignite wood, melt plastic, warp thin automotive body panels, and can create a serious hazard when working around flammables. Not so with vapour blasting! The small amount of water used in our process is enough to eliminate friction generated heat. This allows us to work on more sub straights than any other type of media blasting. Wood, fibreglass, concrete, plastics, vinyl siding, asphalt, fuel tanks, automotive body panels, log homes, decks, boats, the list of applications is unequalled in the media blasting industry.


Simply put, we work for you. We understand the importance of schedules and budgets...

When you hire Maritime Blasting you can be assured that every effort will be made to finish your project on time and on budget. We pride ourselves on our honesty and integrity, and will do everything in our power to ensure that you are more than satisfied with the work that we have done for you. 


Maritime Blasting uses the Graco EcoQuip 2 EQm vapour blaster, powered by an Atlas Copco XAS 450 JD7 towable air compressor.

The EQm vapour blaster represents the most versatile blaster on the market today. It is small enough that it can fit through any standard doorway, yet powerful enough to handle the most difficult surface prep problems. With blast pressures adjustable from 30 psi up to 175 psi, as well as fully adjustable grit consumption, this blaster can work efficiently on soft sub straights such as wood and fibreglass, all the way up to the hardest mill scale and corrosion on metals. The EQm blaster optimizes the air, water and blast media ratio which results in a fine mist at the nozzle, and a powerful blast stream, up to 30% more efficient than traditional dry blasting. Best of all, there is 90% less dust than with traditional media blasting! Less dust means less containment, quicker set up and tear down, and greatly improved safety for the operator and any others working near by. When paired with our quiet and powerful XAS 450 compressor, Maritime Blasting has the gear to tackle virtually any surface preparation problem.

A Variety of Applications



  • Boat Maintenance
  • Autobody Restoration
  • Masonry Stripping & Cleaning
  • Paint & Rust Removal
  • Metal Restoration & Stripping
  • Residential Surface Preparation – including decks & log homes
  • Mold Remediation
  • Fire Restoration
  • Historical Restoration
  • Asphalt & Concrete Trucks
  • Graffiti Removal
  • And More!


If  you have a blasting project in mind, or would like some more detailed information, please give Ron a call at 902-955-6448 and be sure to check out our Instagram and Facebook page.

Laura Robinson

Ron was great about meeting us on site to review and make suggestions for the work we needed completed. He was quick to return and complete the work, which saved us hours and hours of sanding and striping! We would recommend his service to anyone, thanks Ron!

Founders House Dining and Drinks

Paula and Jeff Hafting

How do you remove layers of paint from 200 year old floorboards? Call Ron at Maritime Blasting. In just one hour he had stripped 18 boards. He came to our home, set up, did the work and cleaned up. And he’s environmentally friendly and local too. We highly recommend his company. Thanks Ron!

Keith and Lesley Crysler

Ron replied to our inquiry promptly and set up a time to come and look at our deck with its peeling stain. He thoroughly explained his process to us. He arrived to do the job exactly when he said he would and his clean-up on completion was exemplary. We highly recommend Maritime Blasting

Martin-Henri Villeneuve

Nice work! Very effective way to gain new take on life of wooden deck. Thanks for providing this innovative technology to our area!

Upper Clements Cottages


Ron replied to my inquiry quickly and had a great conversation explaining the capabilities of vapor blasting and explaining his equipment. We scheduled a demo for the following week. I have a tanzer 26 sailboat that needed many many layers of bottom paint removed. This boat is 26.33ft long and has a beam of 8.67ft. Ron setup and demoed the blasting on a small section of hull and the results were terrific. He was able to remove all the layers of paint and bring it back to the clean gel coat. It left a sanded texture ready for new bottom paint. With a successful demo Ron proceeded to complete the boat. I am very happy with the results and he has saved me days of labour intensive scraping and sanding. I would highly recommend others to contact Ron the next time you need to strip the bottom of your boat(also sides if repainting).

Coastal Collision

From start, Ron went right to work, wasted no time and had very much attention to detail in getting all our parts thoroughly stripped. He answered all our questions. Given our weather conditions, it was a challenge right from the start but that did not stop him from getting the job done! Ron is an extremely hard worker. Highly recommend Maritime Blasting for your needs.


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